Ramvatika Agribiotech

In all the developed countries, commercial crop is grown from the seedlings supplied by the professional nurseries or young plant raising companies.

As India is the largest developing country in the world we visualize tremendous scope for seedling industry in this country.

Therefore Seedling Industry is projected to have an exponential growth in next 5 years in the Indian subcontinent.

Now Ramvatika Agribiotech LLP, Pune is one of the leading seedling companies in India with an expertise in producing Seasonal,Chrysanthemum and Marigold open field rooted young plants,Geranium young plants for essential oil industry, Ornamental NP and Tissue culture net pots in coco-peat,soil, trays under controlled conditions provided through poly house, net House, foggers and other state of the art plant protection and nutrition equipments.


It is agriculture in open spaces, which depends on residual humidity and rainfall for the development of the crop. These areas are not susceptible to irrigation technology.



Ornamental crops are produced with the purpose of beautifying, decorating, or enhancing the environment, and exclude plants intended for commercial food production such as vegetables and fruits.


Tissue Culture

Tissue culture (TC) is the cultivation of plant cells, tissues, or organs on specially formulated nutrient media. Under the right conditions, an entire plant can be regenerated from a single cell. Plant tissue culture is a technique that has been around for more than 30 years.



Chrysanthemum will remain an important global floricultural crop leader due to its extensive range of plant and flower colours, shape and form.



Marigold are a cheerful, easy-to-grow annual plant with daisy- or carnation-like flowerheads that are produced singly or in clusters.